Services Offered by the Immigration Department

The Immigration Department offers the following services:

Processing of Extension of Stay applications

  • Persons needing to extend their stay in Anguilla must collect and complete an Extension of Stay Form 1-1 application.
  • A photo must be submitted with the application along with a passport and an itinerary.
  • As of May 1, 2007, the fee for Extension of stay has increased to EC$150.00. The fee for persons requesting multiple month extensions will be pro-rated based on the number of months applied.
  • Upon the expiration of the extended time, the visitor must leave the island.

Endorsement of Work Permit Stamps

  • Persons must submit their Work Permit (Form C), along with a photo and passport.

For further information you may contact the Immigration Department at
Tel: (264) 497 3511
Fax: (264)

Office Hours are:
8:00 am - Noon & 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Monday - Friday

Immigration Officer