Resident Stamps

Processing of Permanent Residence applications

  • Please refer to the Revised Regulations of Anguilla: 15-3
  • Applications for Permanent Residence can be collected at the Immigration Main Office.
  • A processing fee of EC$1,000.00 is charged.
  • Renewal fee is EC$1,000.00

    NB: Section B of the application form must be completed

Processing of Resident Stamp applications

The Resident Stamp is issued to persons who are children of an Anguillian/Belonger or if married to an Anguillian/Belonger. 

  • An application for Residence Stamp must be completed and submitted to the Immigration Department.
  • The applicant would need to submit supporting documents such as
    • 1. Marriage Certificate
    • 2. Passport
    • 3. Birth Certificate
    • 4. Divorce Decree
    • 5. Photographs

Resident Stamp fees have been changed as of May 1, 2007
The new fees are as follows:

  • For processing first time applications EC$200.00
  • For grant of Resident Stamp EC$300.00
  • For processing renewal of Residence Stamp EC$ 50.00
  • For grant of renewal of Resident Stamp EC$200.00
Immigration Officer